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Community of Many

Founded Sept. 22 2016
Community of Many is focusing on the ability to support the community at large, not just the local areas. We sponsor two festivals a year which in turn assists us with being able to help throughout the year. We focus on the family and youths having little things they need that most do not think of, even just the little things like a trip to the store or a place to get a shower or bath, or with repairs around where they call home.
During these last few years we as a community have looked closer at those around us and working to see that everyone we can has good food to eat. We are here to help those in need and we are doing it one person and pet at a time. Most do not realize that those at-risk will feed their pets before feeding themselves. If you feed the pet, you are feeding the person.
This being said we partner with Chewy and Vocal to help feed animals long with the families we feed. The pets receive everything from food and litter to toys and treats. We most remember that our pets are also part of the family.
We have several goals, but this is one close to our hearts. We offer many avenues to help the community at large. We help to feed people and pets, but one of the big things is taking those that could never think of taking a vacation to have one. Most would not think a week of camping as that big a deal. Some even did not think that those that are homeless families would want to go camping but with us they get 3 hot meals a day and real hot showers and toliets. We have kids movie night with popcorn and seeing the smiles are worth it. We bring those with handicaps (Physical and mental) to have a good time and give their family members a break while still getting to be part of the experience. We keep a full medical team onsite.
We have elders in many different areas through the eastern US. While we can supply spiritual guidance it is not our main focus. Community of Many currently hosts two festivals that are home to many different types of families with needs. Diversity is important to not just the festival but to our lives. Everyone is welcome no matter what beliefs you follow. We work year round to keep down the cost of the festivals as low as possible; we are also able to offer some in free. Our festivals are known as Trees of Avalon Gathering known aka TAG is helping to ensure that our histories are passed down from one generation to the next. At this same time, making sure that we take from what we learn now and improve upon that. Learning from our past can only help to improve our future.
Community of Many is a 501(c)3 organization.