Pagans Invade Rainbow River

Twice a year TAG sponsors the pavilon at the Rainbow Springs State Park.

You can float down the river with friends, new and old then go and join in on the potluck at the park. You don't have to float you can go straight to the park and hang out with others or even enjoy the swimming hole there. To keep this going you are welcome to contrbute to getting the pavilion. There are carpools that are going on for all over. We are even going to start reserving large camping spots. Those are limited space so start planning now..
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The Birth of New Beginnings

April 6 - 9, 2023 in Silver Springs Florida

Presented by Community of Many
Community of Many Inc is proud to announce Trees of Avalon Gathering presents The Birth of New Beginnings. We are looking to a brighter future if we all work together
Everyone has been waiting to get back to nature and community. We are more than a community.. we are a villiage that works to support each other in any way we can. Learing about how to reuse everything we can to help the earth. We also want to remember that now does most children do not get to be children. This is something that is on all of us. Children need to be children to learn to be adults. We bring in as much fun for not just the children but the adults, everything from watching a movie under the stars like the old driveins to dancing around a bonfire.
Come and add your beat to our wonderous drummers, from local tribes. Come and feed your soul, join in with their beats as the dancers feed the flames of the fire. Bring your drums to enhance the rhythms or dance around the sacred flames. Find yourself lost in their beat. Here is your chance to experience the magick of a fire. Help bring it all together.
As a festival, we are committed to serving our community of anyone from all over. We believe that our children have the right to know our history so that they can pass it along to their future generations. Share your stories of your family history and add to the knownledge of our villiage. We have games for children, families, and adults. If you know someone who is in need of this reach out to us and lets see if we can make it happen! Early Bird Ticket are now on sale. Please check out the Registration Page.