Community of Many Board Members

Tina Jesko
Tina Jesko has been a practicing pagan for over 40 years. She follows a druidic path, that has its roots in Italy. Born in Texas, she has traveled throughout the UsA, and been happy to take part in the communities where she found herself. If she found there was not an active community there, she would assist in starting one. Working with non-profits is nothing new for her. She started working with non-profits all the way back in Texas. She was raised to the level of High Priestess by her grove over 12 years ago. She can perform weddings, funeral rights, main rituals and offers counciling of spirit and mind. Now having lived in Florida for over 10 years she has been a part of a few festivals and other community events, yet still finding that there was something missing in what she was looking for. With that and the assistance of family and friends Community of Many was born and gave birth to Trees of Avalon Gathering.